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Hercie Joy Cabel y Pineda

Birthday:  November 27th

Hometown:  Rodriguez, Rizal

Organizational Memberships:

                       The Computer Society, Vice President for external affairs (2000 - 2001)

                       The RotarAct Club of Roosevelt College Marikina

                        Computer Science Volleyball Team

                       RCM Varsity (Valleyball)


        Joy is  very humorous person.  She always cheer-up the whole class.  She is also one of Donna's favorite companion when it comes to food.  Her being a very cheerful person has helped the class not to give up with loads of tough works they once had.  The moment she deliver her funny lines, you would never feel the stress you are getting into at that moment (only, at least!).
        She is the official Energy Booster of the class.