RCM, BS Computer Science Batch 2003

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Goodbye Prof. Carmelo Aguilar

    Mr. Carmelo Aguilar was one of the professors who became close to our hearts. He was the one who helped us in order to come this far. Of all the professors in College, he sincerely wanted us to achieve success, he believed in us so much... and the only thing he wants in return is for us to strive hard and to show everyone what we have achieved. For our success is not only ours, but also his.

    There were so many things we have shared together, not just happy moments, but sad moments as well. I remember the time that he got really mad because of me that he was forced to immediately dismiss the entire class for that day. But the next day is always a new day for Mr. Aguilar, you will not see any traces of anger due to what happened on the previous days, he was such a professional.

     Well I am not ashamed to admit that he was one of our two favorite professors in College, the other one would of course be his wife, Mrs. Elena Laude-Aguilar.

     In class he was our teacher, but outside he was our guardian, he literally acted as our second parent. We felt his true Love for us. He taught us not only academics, he also taught us wisdom, he gave us courage, to believe in ourselves, to fight for what is right, to turn negative things into an opportunity to grow....

    There are countless things we can say about Mr. Aguilar, But this well-loved Professor is simply "WONDERFUL".

     In behalf of the entire B.S. Computer Science Batch 2003 of Roosevelt College Marikina,, namely... MJ, Neri, Joemar, Jhoy, Jun, Dennis, Laine, Rhoel, Denver, Edna, Donna, Macoy, Jomerson, Kathy, Bernard, Leo, Angelo, and all everyone who have been your student in Roosevelt College System,


...WE WILL MISS YOU... Hope you find peace and comfort in the hands of GOD...

Batch '03

Batch 2003 graduates are very talented. They have shown excellence not only on computers, but on other fields as well. Some were into sports, some into literature, and 58% of the class were into politics.
Aside from being the pioneers, batch 2003 gave many firsts to the school; the first Rotary Award, the first ever Art Exhibit made by a humanities class, the first grand slam victory of a party for two consecutive elections, and the most number of BSCS graduates produced by the system.
During their stay in school they were the envy of all other class. Even the professors had never seen a class that is so close to each other. They stood as one in all decisions and actions. Until now, even after years of graduation, they still manage to reunite at least once a year, which is being held every 3rd Sunday of December.
BSCS Batch 2003 is concious of its duty to promote, protect, and preserve its alma mater.