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Katherine Santos y Mauricio

Birthday:  February 16th 

Hometown:  San Mateo, Rizal

Organizational Memberships:

                       The Computer Society,P.R.O.(200-2001); Auditor (200-2002)

                       RCM Clubs Federation, Overall Treasurer(2001-2002)

                        The RotarAct Club of Roosevelt College Marikina, President(2002-2003)

                       RCM Mountaineering Club

                       Filipino Club

                        Computer Science Women's Basketball Team

        Kathy is a very friendly person.  She has friends from all courses and all year levels, she even has friends from the high sschool department.  No wonder whenever she goes around the campus, ther is always someone smiling at her.  She is also the reason why the class got friends from other courses.

         She is the official Link of the class.