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Jenylaine Gadiano y Fagaragan
S.O. #: 50-464101-141

Birthday:  April 22nd

Hometown:  San Mateo, Rizal

Organizational Memberships:

                       The Computer Society, Auditor (2000 - 2001)

                       The RotarAct Club of Roosevelt College Marikina


      Laine is a great anime fan.  She would know almost all the characters you could possibly have in your mind.  This woman is very shy yet still thinks that she is very cute and sexy.  She is also very frugal, she can go out the whole day spending only an unimaginable aount.  She has a very good voice but is too shy to show her talent.
        There were also times that almost all her classmates used her computer to print some project and documents.  because of that, she became the official class Printing Press.